Beoordeeld door veel klanten. We hopen het meest klantvriendelijke bedrijf aan de Costa Blanca te zijn. Lees wat onze klanten over ons zeggen.

100% Professioneller Service. Empfehlenswert.

melanie boldt Avatar melanie boldt
februari 3, 2022

Dit bureau is geweldig. STERK AANBEVOLEN. Dikke 5 sterren!!

Leonard Stauersbach Avatar Leonard Stauersbach
november 3, 2021

We visited a house in Calpe and this agency has hidden lots of legal issues… while pushing for signing the contract! fortunately our lawyer made investigations and we find out that the house wasn’t legally ok… You answer is quite surprising and your suspicion on my lawyer are very low level … that’s easy indeed to mitigate a lack of knowledge on the products you are proposing by transferring the mistake on a very good professional. By the way, you mention only the rules of the municipality… and you forget (on purpose?) to mention that the house is not respecting the law and has some illegal construction (outdoor kitchen for instance)… It is just impossible to build some extension …. And on the advert, it is mentioned that we can build next extension… which is totally wrong and illegal… This house has been for sale for a while and is still… maybe the seller should change the agency? You mention my name on your answer… fair enough… thanks a lot Gabriella.

ced french Avatar ced french
januari 3, 2022
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